Welcome to the website of Maria Turner-Carney, LICSW: Feminist Therapy for All Genders.

Feminist Therapy for All Genders is an identity affirming and social-justice minded counseling practice owned by Maria Turner-Carney, LICSW based in Seattle, Washington.

Feminist Therapy of All Genders welcomes anyone seeking therapy. I have extensive experience working with people exploring all kinds of identity puzzles such as gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability, and also specialize in working with young adults ages 18-35.

Feminist Therapy for All Genders uses a feminist and anti-oppression framework to help people address and heal from trauma and oppression we face in our everyday lives. I offer a mindfulness-based approach to provide you with holistic therapy that encourages mind, body, and emotional awareness.

I offer counseling to individuals and romantic relationships of all configuations.



I have worked with people across the LGBTQI spectrum for over ten years and am a Sexual Minority Mental Health Specialist. I love working in this community and can offer insights into coming out, queer identity, the complicated dynamics of small communities, and finding your place in community. I also enjoy and have experience working with individuals who do or have done sex work.

Gender Identity Issues & Exploration

I have worked with many transgender, gender-variant, and gender non-conforming clients using the informed consent model. This means I value each client’s decisions and choices about their bodies, to pursue medical transition on a timeline that serves them. I support clients to live in their bodies as authentically as possible.

Dating & Relationship Issues

I love talking with my clients about their dating lives and romantic relationships. Working with clients through new relationships, breakups, exploring and working with nonmonogamy, long term relationships, chosen or imposed solitude are all interests of mine. Helping clients build skills to have the kinds of relationships you want is one of my favorite parts of being a therapist.

 Body Image issues and Body-Positivity

As a strong advocate of bodily autonomy and Health At Every Size, I value body diversity. I work with clients to articulate the experiences of living in their body. I aim to help my clients become an ally with their bodies, and work toward being as present in their bodies as possible. Your body is one of the greatest tools for finding out more about yourself.

A yoga teacher of mine once said “feelings are just things that happen in your body with stories attached to them.” I work with my clients to take closer note of their bodies (this is an aspect of “mindfulness based practice”) and use those cues in therapy to talk about places of stress and of growth in their lives.

Managing Perfectionism

Anxiety is often wrapped up in perfectionism and ideas of being “good enough”. I work with my clients to articulate their skills and channel them to productive use. I also work with folks to unlearn long-standing patterns of shame, anxiety, and perfectionism.


Being able to set, recognize, and respect boundaries is an important part of all our relationships. Boundaries help define where one person ends and the other begins. I learned about boundary-setting in my time working with the Home Alive self-defense collective as an Americorps Volunteer, and love working with clients to help them identify and develop their boundaries.

Unlearning Enmeshment

Enmeshment, or codependence is a pattern of having relationships with few boundaries and little independence. These relationships make it hard for people to make choices independently, or move freely in the world. Often people develop this style of relationship to preserve relationships in the midst of trauma. I work with clients to move through past traumas, and develop boundaried, loving relationships that preserve independence and sense of self.

Healing from Trauma

We experience all kinds of trauma in our lives that often informs how we approach relationships and change. I work with clients to identify how they are impacted by trauma, and help to develop resilience and tools for healing. I have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual trauma and dating & domestic violence.

Secondary Trauma (especially for caregivers & activists)

There is little public dialogue about the need for self-care for caregivers and activists. Aside from stepping back from direct action and service, there are not a lot of models for building resilience. I work with my clients to develop individualized strategies to participate in direct service and social movements that are valuable to you, while also remaining grounded and reflective.

Strong Communication

I work with clients to clarify their current communication styles, and help you identify you own needs and values. This helps you connect better with others and communicate more effectively.




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