The World is On Fire But You Still Need to Eat Lunch

Hi friends,

It’s been a rough week, and I know many many folks are working hard and feeling ragged, and not taking great care of themselves, so I wrote this in the style of the children’s book “Go the Fuck To Sleep.”

It’s not intended to reinforce anyone’s complacency, just to remind folks that even in the midst of really big things going on they also have a body that needs to be attended to. And without further ado:


People are wrong on the internet

The world is on fire, you’re right

And I know that you’re upset

But it’s getting late and deep in the night


Your 10 point action plan is unfinished at 8 points

The world is knit together with sorrow

But you are growing harried and quickly disjointed

You can always punch Nazis tomorrow


The heartbreak of the world is a lot right now

And clutching what liberties that we may keep

But you’re working really hard, and how

Bout if you try and get some sleep


You can try some deep breathing, whiskey, or visualization

Or free-range crying is sometimes neat

I know white supremacy is foundational to this nation

But when was the last time you had something to eat.

No but seriously have you eaten anything today.

No but seriously have you eaten anything today. Image source


I don’t think you need to stop, necessarily

You may not even need to slow down (slow down!)

But your mental health is balancing somewhat precariously

And you’re not the only organizer in this town.


Your collaborations have been impressive

Your efforts are stalwart and true

Your work is strong and progressive

But I’m slightly concerned about you.


It’s understandable to feel some despair

I mean who wouldn’t at this moment, right?

And everyone keeps saying “Self care!”

But here you are, up again, very late into the night.


The news will be there tomorrow,

There are far more battles to fight

And this is another line about sorrow

But what if you close your eyes and turned out the light.


We are far from finished

The work is only beginning

But you are looking somewhat diminished

What if you had some tea and rest this inning.


I love you I love you I love you I love you

Please eat something and go the fuck to sleep.


If anxiety is preventing you from getting some fucking sleep, give me a call.

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