Welcome to the website of Maria Turner-Carney Therapy, PLLC.

I have a BA in media studies and queer identity development from Fairhaven College.  I received my Master’s in Social Work with a focus in Mental Health from the University of Washington.

My work background includes:

  • LGBTQ mental health
  • work in the anti-violence movement
  • work around dating and domestic violence
  •  harm-reduction
  • mental health case management
  • chronic mental illness
  • intergenerational relationships
  • managing chronic health conditions.

Strengths Based Work

Feminist Therapy for all Genders is a strengths-based practice. This means I encourage mindfulness and body/mind awareness in our work. I believe everyone has the ability to express themselves and heal.

Social Justice in Therapy

I hold a deep understanding of the impacts of isolation, and the significance of identity development and community to a person’s well-being and mental health. Most frequently I do this work with queer folks with a wide range of experiences and intersecting identities.

Often, we will explore how systems of oppression play out in the personal levels of your life.

Working with me you will be able to:

•  Identify and validate your personal circumstances, identities,  decisions, and experiences.
•  Address how experiences of trauma, oppression, abuse and harm have shaped these.
•  Make amends to yourself by processing feelings of grief, sadness, guilt, anger, or fear
•  Explore answering the question, “How do I create the life I want and deserve?”
•  Follow your answers with with action

In our sessions we will spend time talking. Initially I will ask a series of questions to get to know you and gain an understanding of what you want to work on. From there we will continue conversation together, and may explore a number of other activities.

I will work to discover with you what will work best for your particular needs and interests. Some people like to read things and discuss them with me. Some like to go home after a session with a small writing assignment or two for the next session. Others like to practice mindful breathing and allow time for pockets of silence.

In our sessions I will:
• Be honest and explicit in how my own background and experiences shape my conversations and approaches with you
• Check in with you frequently
• Help you find your voice
• Sometimes use humor to engage you.


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